Small Poodle at Large | Harper B. | Dog Blog | Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You AreDogs see the best in their humans. We love our people unconditionally with a steadfast persistence and loyalty. We start out fresh each morning, expecting good from our families. But even further than that, we dogs are able to see the potential of our human companions’ highest nature and expression. As we hold that vision and reflect it through our eyes, we create a pathway for our people to step into, a template of becoming. It may seem silly, but the act of rising to a dog’s respect, love, and need for care is a profound spiritual practice for those with dog companions.

Consider making it a practice to ask what you would be like if you were who your dog thinks you are? What would be different? How would your choices change? Then take a walk in those shoes and see how it feels. People who are able to see themselves through their dog’s eyes are guided to a happier, healthier, kinder, and more connected life. Like digging for a hidden bone, we help humans find what they didn’t even know they needed…but when they do find it, wow and woof!