paws and crafts headerAs much as our humans love us, sometimes they put us in boxes…In this case, I’m not barking about kennels, I mean a limited view of a dog’s artistic sensibility. For myself, I find being a creative dog helps me stay balanced. One of my favorite modes of expression is bone arrangement. I use whatever materials are handy in my toy box. I like to think of my pieces as chew toy mandalas, representing the transient nature and beauty of life.

harper bone stackingI’m very pleased with my latest piece. In my work, I strive for simplicity of composition, symmetry, and a pop of color. I call this piece, “Red Bone, Chew Bone.”

So don’t let the fact that you’re a dog stop you from being an artist…sure, you probably can’t make a living at it, but then again you don’t need to.