Dog MeditationDogs, there are many types of meditation. The important thing is not what type of meditation you integrate into your life, but to choose a method that works to help you relax, gain clarity, and find balance.

Previously, I’ve barked about my doga-boga-yoga practice, tail meditation, and Chloe demonstrated her advanced ball meditation skills. Today, I want to introduce the candle gazing meditation. For dogs who have enough discipline not to nose or lick the candle, this can be an extremely relaxing meditation. However, if you think you might be tempted to touch the flame, this is definitely not the method for you! And remember, it is always best to take a long walk before you meditate. Dogs need exercise to relax.

When you are ready to begin, position yourself so your eyes are in line with the candle flame. Since my candle is elevated and I am small, I like to take a seat on my meditation pouf, and feel the weight of my belly on the chair beneath me.

Next, I put my attention on the candle flame, draw in a long, slow breath through my snout, and as I breathe out let my thoughts drop away. I breathe long, deep breaths way down into my belly, letting myself drop deeper and deeper into relaxation.

As you breathe, you may notice thoughts begin to run through your head like little squirrels: Where is my bone? When is my next walk? Am I the only dog who meditates? Don’t chase your thoughts…just allow them to come and go with your breath, bringing your focus back to the candle flame. This is your meditation practice.

Remember, it takes repetition to develop focus and relaxation. If you become distracted and start scratching behind your ears or licking your feet, it’s okay. Just come back to your meditation again and again. Each day is a new day.

When you are ready, withdraw your gaze from the flame, bring your attention back to the room, and ask your human to blow out the candle. Now you’re ready to continue with your day as a more balanced, relaxed canine. Namaste, pooches.