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National Geographic: Is Your Dog a Genius?


Small Poodle at Large | Harper B. | Dog Blog | Canine LitPooches and People!

This evening National Geographic is airing the first of a three-night special called “Is Your Dog a Genius?”

The series is created by Dognition, the dog personality test I’ve talked about in a prior post. To tell you the truth, I did the first task on empathy, and then never finished the rest, so I have no idea if I’m a genius or not.

At any rate, the programs are:

Talk Doggy To Me (empathy and communication, May 15)

Doggy See, Doggy Do (memory and cunning, May 16)

Who’s Your Doggy? (reasoning and Dognition testing)

I’ll definitely tune in! I can’t wait to find out more about the fascinating inner world of d-o-g-s. I just  hope they have Barkish subtitles. Sometimes people are hard to understand.


Pawtrait Fun


Small Poodle at Large | Pawtrait with Harper pawtrait with picture


My human had a ton of fun at the Friends of Berkeley Animal Care Services Paint Your Pet Fundraiser yesterday. And guess what? Any interested people have another chance coming up on April 19…Just check out the “Friends” Facebook page.

I think the white on my beard needs to be toned down a bit, but other than that I’m pretty happy with my pawtrait. It definitely turned out bigger than I am. But that’s okay…it gives me stature. Woof.


The Whole Kit and CaPOODLE


Ruby turned two this week, which meant we had to pawty like it was 1999.
Ruby turned two this week, which meant we had to pawty like it was 1999.

Yesterday was Ruby’s two-year birthday pawty, and it was amazing!

Activity #1: Paw painting. All of us party pooches got to let our inner artists out. There’s nothing like the feeling of paint oozing between your paw pads. It was also hard to keep our beards clean.

paw paint








It turns out we all employed different techniques. Chloe’s was probably the most interesting…she really got some air….

chloe paw painting










But I want to show you my Masterpiece. At first I had good traction so I could twirl over the paper…but eventually my paws started to slip so I called it done.

my masterpiece After all the painting came Activity #2: Frosty Paws Ice Cream Bar!

frosty paws ice cream barThe best part was the toppings. We could pick from liver, bacon, “steak,” carob chips, and cheese for dogs. I’m definitely going to try to get invited to Ruby’s house more often. Once all of us pooches had our ice cream bowls, the party died down for a time. Ruby started shaking all over, she was so excited. Then she pushed me out of my bowl and ate mine! But she was the Birthday Girl, so I had to submit.

Happy Birthday, Ruby!



Paint Your Pet’s Pawtrait


paint your pet fundraiserDogs! Have you always wanted to see your pawtrait hanging over the fireplace? Well, if you’re a Bay Area pooch, now’s your chance! Send your human on over to the Paint Your Pet fundraiser. It should be a real howl…AND the proceeds benefit Friends of Berkeley Animal Care Services to raise money for shelter cats and dogs! My human will be there. Will yours?

Bye-Bye Halloween


ruby halloween pic
“My favorite part of Halloween night was sticking my head into the jack-o-lantern so I could check out my loot.”

Photo by Amy Neil

crayon 1
“I absolutely loved being a green crayon in the Dog Halloween parade.”

crayon 2









chia pet
“I was really lucky a big dog didn’t come lift its leg to pee on my grass.”

But my favorite costume was Ruby’s. She came as a chia pet.

All in all, Halloween definitely went to the dogs!



Barktoberfest at Pt. Isabel


"I was a witch last year...but I'm keeping this year's costume a secret."
“I was a witch last year…but I’m keeping this year’s costume a secret.”

October is here, and that means it’s time for us dogs to start planning our Halloween get-ups. If you’re a local Bay Area pooch, consider rounding up your human and coming on down to the Pt. Isabel Barktoberfest Halloween parade and costume contest. Meet in the field north of Mudpuppy’s at 1 p.m. on Saturday Oct 25. Your person is welcome to dress up, too!

"You can call me Puck."

"Safety first."







What will you be?poodle day bee







Bark Around the Block


East Bay Bark Around the BlockPooches, it’s Par-tay time! The Berkeley Humane Society is putting on their annual block party, Bark Around the Block.

I attended last year and it was a blast. Of course I went to the booth to make your own tug toy; had my photograph taken by a professional; danced my tail off at the doggy dance class; and my mom bought me a pair of Doggles!

Dogs are welcome to bring their people, as long as they’re on the other end of a leash. I’m looking forward to sniffing my friends, taking another dance class, treat tasting, and taking advantage of photo opps.


And, if you’re thinking of adopting a four-legged cutie, this is the place to do it.

Hope to see you there!


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