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No Comment…


"I was so busy looking at my front window, I never thought to look in my Dog Blog Comments Trash."
“I was so busy looking out my front window, I never thought to look in my Dog Blog Comments Trash.”

Pooches and People,

This is an apology post. I was recently running a back-up on the blog, when I noticed something very interesting…there were a number of comments from readers I had never seen before! What?

After some sniffing around, I realized what happened was this…Last year, I had the comment function turned on alongside a super-dog-duper spam filter. Apparently, all the reader comments from last summer ended up in the Comment Trash section. If I had known there was a trash can full of comments waiting for me to dig through, I would  have been all over that. Plus, I thought no one was using the comment function, so I turned it off!

Coming across your comments was like finding a trove of unread letters. I definitely need to find better tech support; I love my human, but this is not acceptable for a professional dog blogger. I apologize if your comments went unread. It wasn’t intentional.

Now that I have it figured out, comments are open again, and I look forward to digging through the trash on a regular basis to retrieve them for posting. Love, Harper


Generosity is Everywhere!


free puppyI can’t believe the generosity of some humans! I was browsing in a gift shop yesterday, when I saw this sign posted by the cash register. This store is simply amazing…they are so welcoming of unattended children they even give them free gifts. My human and I are trying to round up a kid to let loose in the shop…that way we can collect our free espresso and our free puppy! I wonder where they keep them? I can’t wait to go get mine. Woof!

A Good Dream


Harper.bow.jpgLast week, my family took me to a pet store called George in Berkeley. Can you believe they display all of the dog bones on the bottom shelf, at mini-poodle level? At first I thought it was self-serve, until my human said the dreaded words, “Leave it!” That command always puts a damper on things.

So, I moved on, but before we left, I picked out a red and white polkadot bow tie, because a girl can always use one of those!

Later that night, I had the most amazing dream. In the dream, I was at George’s surrounded by chew bones. There were two huge braided bones forming a teepee over me, and a fan of three pressed bones in front of me. The number three in a dream represents creation, so it may be time for me to make a new chew toy mandala. I believe the two large chew toys forming a shelter represent a feeling of safety.

Harper Huge Bones 1
Dog Bone Dreamin’

Sometimes a dream is so significant, a dog just doesn’t want to wake up! It may be wishful thinking, but I hope this one is prophetic. We all know, a dog can never have too many giant-sized bones.






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