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On Not Wanting My Own Puppy…



I have a story to tell. Our nextdoor neighbor got a little toy poodle puppy, Zeus. My human was so excited. She kept telling me, “Now you can have your own puppy!” She wouldn’t stop talking about it. Maybe it’s because Zeus looks a lot like me. Maybe it was the red eyebrows. Who knows?

Every time we went to visit, I was friendly. The little guy is definitely cute. But I tried to keep my distance to show that I really didn’t want the responsibility of my own puppy.

In truth, I’m more of a career dog. I’m a therapy dog, I help my human tutor kids, and I’ve got the paw-blog. Plus, I’d rather be the puppy.

With all the talk about gender these days, I realize we still have a long way to go. I decided to put my paw down. And after weeks of going on and on, my human finally got it. She apawlogized to me for trying to pressure me to be something I’m not. And, of course, I accepted it. As for Zeus, when he grows up a little, we can definitely be walking buddies.




Super-Sized Doppelganger


I think I met a long-lost relative today. It was a profound feeling of belonging.
“I think I met a long-lost relative today. It was a profound feeling of belonging.”

Today was a super exciting day at Holistic Vet, where I go for my rehab appointments. First of all, the Dog Mayor of Piedmont, Rosie was there…I plan to lobby her when I think up an issue. But most amazingly, I met my Super-Sized Doppelganger, Moe~! Wow and Woof. I am full of Thanksgiving for this chance meeting.


Puppy Love


Puppy Love | Harper B. | Small Poodle at LargePooches,

I love this sign posted at the doggy rehab clinic where they’re helping me get my prance back. Holistic Veterinary Care really understands us canine kids. It seems every person and dog who walk into that place are soulmates. I can’t help but wag when I’m there.

The only thing I disagree with is the mail carrier thing…my human appreciates having her mail delivered, so I try to go with the flow. Oh, and for you people out there…if a fur person is barking and wagging at the same time, it’s best to believe the bark.




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