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A Dog Bed of One’s Own


Small Poodle at Large | Harper B. | A Bed of One's Own

Virginia Woof advocated for a Room of One’s Own…but all a dog really needs is a good bed.

I was recently on a trip to Portland, Oregon. The Portland weather was certainly good for my curls, but I can tell you pooches I am so happy to be back. I couldn’t wait to jump straight into my very own dog bed. Then I clung to it with my front paws to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Taking a trip is fun, but there really is no place like home. Next time I get homesick, I’ll just click my back paws together like Dorothy.

Click, click, click.


Bask in Pawsibility


Harper B. | Small Poodle at Large | The Sun has Burst the Sky


It’s amazing the way sunlight, and even images of the sun, open the heart…and when the heart opens, the important things in life happen. When I feel the sun on my fur, everything seems more pawsible. So turn your face toward the sun today, and see what happens. And make sure to drag your human away from the computer screen to bask in the sun, too. Namaste, Pooches.


Not All Fun and Games


Harper B. | Small Poodle at Large | Pooches, I’ll tell you about the pickle I got myself into yesterday. I was at the park, where a couple of kids were setting up a game on a giant chess board in the plaza. Just as I was sniffing around the board, they realized a piece was missing. I’m game, so I volunteered to be the pawn. Doggonit, that was a mistake. Chess is the opposite of chase. I had to sit in a little square until I was moved AND I could only move two spaces and then I had to sit again. I couldn’t wait to be captured. Now I know what it means to be a pawn in someone else’s game. Chess and dogs definitely don’t mix.

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