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Of Light and Shadow


Harper ShadowDogs, it’s natural to only want to be in the light…after all, we never go to the dog park at night. But if you stop chewing your bone to think about it, life includes it all…the interplay of light and shadow, expansion and contraction, day and night, joy and sadness. All of the beauty of life is of a piece. Every morning, as I sit watching the sun cast my little puffy shadow, I am reminded of the beauty of it all, of light, of shadow, of being born a fur person. Namaste, Pooches.

Photo by Mose Lipner, age 10

A Holiday Wish


Holiday Wish | Harper B. | Small Poodle at LargeDogs and People~ My wish for us all this holiday season is that we know love, the kind of love Neruda writes of so poignantly. His lines stop me short in a down-stay every time I read them. We dogs are naturals at opening our hearts to give and receive love. But people can also create a better world by intentionally opening the heart and attuning to the flow of love. Once you do this, you’ll feel it building all around you. Wow and woof, it’s a vulnerable but powerful place to live in the world. So to friends and important strangers alike, sending you all wags and woofs, licks and love this season and into the New Year.

Woofs of Wisdom: Pawestruck


Harper B. | Small Poodle at Large | Dog Blog


Sometimes I am so overcome with the feeling of Love, I have to stop working on my bone mid chew, so struck am I by the incredible surge of energy moving through me. Even my tail is still. In those moments, it’s only the breath and the heart. Until the postman arrives. Then I have to take care of business.

Photo by Bernard Ceguerra

Woofs of Wisdom: An Attitude of Gratitude


Harper B. | Small Poodle at Large | We Love the Things we Love for What They Are Robert Frost


Thanksgiving is about gratitude, and we fur people have a natural ability to appreciate the good things around us. As Robert Frost says, “We love the things we love for what they are.” Perhaps that’s why gratitude comes naturally to us…We dogs look for good things and enjoy them…rolling in the grass, running off leash, stretching, treats, time with our people, smells, toys. Every morning life is full of possibility. And as dogs, we don’t spend time worrying about how to change what we love…we simply love and appreciate the good things that come our way.

I think of my tail as a gratitude meter. The more appreciation I have, the more it wags. Wow and woof, I bet if some turkey came my way tomorrow my wag would be off the charts. But even if it doesn’t, I’m grateful to love and be loved. Happy Thanksgiving, Pooches and People!

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