Wow and woof! I was reading Leah Garchik’s Public Eavesdropping…I didn’t know there are dogs out there who have broken into the world of apps and devices! This dog’s person is so cutting edge and considerate. Imagine if we dogs didn’t have to use our sixth sense to know when our people were coming home…Plus, we could use the dictate function to text our owners back. For instance, we could use three fast woofs to mean, “Hurry home…I really need to go out now.” Or a high-pitched “Aarf-Aarf” to say, “The squirrel in the yard is driving me crazy,” and other important information. I’m already thinking there could be a Twitter for dogs called Bark.

This is a real breakthrough for canine-human communication. This young woman gets two paws up for seeing the cross-species applications of apps! I think I’ll tell my human to start making pocket vests for dogs. In five years every dog across America will probably have a smart phone, and we’ll need a way to carry our devices around. I’m already planning to use “Who Let the Dogs Out?” as my ring tone! WOOF.