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Dogwart’s is so confusing sometimes. I try to be like Hermione Granger, but yesterday it backfired. We’ve only been learning beginning spells in charms class, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to read up on more advanced commands. Yesterday, I went to the back corner of the library, where I found a nice dog bed and curled up with “Charms for Duggles.” Sniffing through the musty volume, my snout landed on a dog-eared page with the word “Expelliarmus” in big letters at the top. It turns out, Expelliarmus allows the charmer to call any object to them. I thought that spell looked promising; it could definitely be helpful at the park.

Small Poodle at Large | Harper B. | Dog Blog | Dogwart'sMy friend, Honey, warned me against using charms we hadn’t been taught in class. Unfortunately, we were at recess with the Slytherhounds the next day. I was on the red spring mat practicing jumps with Bach. Rex was out on the field with his two sidekicks, Bandit and Rocky. They all had big new bones in their paws. We could hear them barking loudly about trying to bite Professor Hagrid’s Hippogriff at the next magical creatures class.

I try to mind my own business and keep my nose clean when the Slytherhounds are around, but hearing Duggles planning to bite made me so mad…I used the first spell that came to mind, Expelliarmus! All three of their big new bones came flying across the field and landed at my feet. Well, that started a bone of contention on the grounds. Rex, Bandit and Rocky ran over growling. Luckily for me, the dog whistle blew and we all had to line up for a water break. They say dogs have a short memory span. I certainly hope so. Maybe they’ll forget by tomorrow. If not, I might have to go back to the library to find a disrememberment spell. Like I said, it gets complicated.