Dogwarts headerYesterday morning Honey and I headed out to the Quidditch field for flying class with our Dogsweep 2000s. We had both passed Professor Swift’s ground take-off test last week, so we hoped today we’d finally be allowed to take our brooms out for a fly. I admit I used a lifting charm on the test, but a poodle has to do what a poodle has to do.

For yesterday’s lesson, we Ravenpaws were combined with a number of pups from the Gryffindog house. Honey and I were early, so we watched the Gryffindogs run toward us over the hill and up to the field. As they came closer, we saw a handsome golden doodle at the front of the crowd. He slowed to a prance, then sat at attention near Professor Swift.

“Who is that?” I asked Honey. My tail was wagging uncontrollably.

“That’s Chase. He’s in my Herbology for Hounds class.”

I felt a strong urge to go smell and lick him, but I knew I needed to stay in a sit for class to begin. And sure enough, Professor Swift started to speak. “Today is the day you pups have been waiting for. Each of you will take a turn at flying. When I call your name, climb onto your Dogsweep, lift off, and circle the Quidditch field before landing.”

Honey raised her paw. “How do we land?”

Professor Swift looked surprised by her question. “You just slow down and aim for the ground, of course!” No one’s tail was wagging now, not even mine. “Harper, since you know the lifting charm, why don’t you take a go first?”

Honey looked at me. I guess Professor Swift caught me after all.

Well, I’ve been dying to take my broom for a flight for weeks now. So, I stepped onto my Dogsweep, helicoptered my tail, and used the lifting charm.

harper flying 3As I sped higher into the air, I started to think about Chase and his cute curly face. The more I thought about him, the higher my broom went until I could barely see the Quidditch field below me. There was one grey spot moving frantically back and forth…that must have been Professor Swift barking at me to come down. At first I didn’t know what to do, but then I decided to think about the day the three Slytherhounds circled me. That thought put a damper on things, and my broom began to plummet down toward the field. I was speeding and spiraling to the ground, so I changed my thought to something less stressful…watching my human leave the house without me. The broom steadied and slowed to a more reasonable landing speed. I could now see Honey, the Professor, and the rest of the dogs all looking up at me.

“Cleared for landing,” woofed Professor Swift.

My Dogsweep hit the ground with a sharp jolt, and I took a small fall off the broom. I stood up as soon as possible because I didn’t want to look clumsy, especially in front of Chase.

“A good first flight, Harper,” barked the Professor. “You’ll make a fine Quidditch player.”

Honey’s flight went well too. And of course, I cheered and woofed for Chase. It looks like us Duggles are off to a flying start!