Small Poodle at Large | Harper B. | Dog Blog | Dogwart's HeaderHoney and I had our second flying class on Wednesday. Professor Swift called us all out to the field. “Okay, pups…before you take your first flight you must pass the ground take-off test.” We all looked at each other and wagged. The professor blew his dog whistle, and the next thing we knew, two Hogwart’s students came flying in on their quidditch brooms. I was so excited, I accidentally broke into a howl. I was full throttle before I realized the entire class was looking at me.

The two students looked like second years. Making a tidy landing, they set themselves up on opposite ends of the field and each raised a leg as high as they could, forming a human hurdle. “For a Duggle to fly, you must feel comfortable lifting off and propelling forward. To demonstrate this, you are to jump over a human’s leg with as much zeal as you can possibly muster.” The Hogwart’s students were already starting to slump a bit; it was difficult to keep one leg in the air while Professor Swift gave his directions.

“Who would like to go first?”

Small Poodle at Large | Harper B. | Dog Blog |Dogwart'sBefore Professor Swift could finish asking, Honey leaped into the most awesome take-off, easily clearing the Hogwart’s student’s leg. Her form was amazing, and her ears, wow and woof!

It was my turn next. I was a bit worried about clearing the hurdle because I’m only ten inches tall. Thank goodness I’ve been secretly reading up on spells in my free time. I leaped in the air and helicopter wagged my tail to cast a lifting charm. Luckily no one noticed. “Well done, Harper,” remarked Professor Swift.

So Honey and I both passed our ground take-off checks. It’s onward and upward…hopefully on a Dogsweep 2000 next time!