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Well, on our first day of flying class I followed directions and brought my new Dogsweep 2000 to the meadow. I was pulling at the leash to get up in the air. Plus, ever since the mishap with Honey where I ended up having to go to the veterinary hospital wing for mergitation, I take commands seriously.

I had already hopped onto my broom when Professor Hagrid joined us on the field with an elegant-looking grey and white whippet who pranced gingerly to the front of the group. “This is your flying instructor, Professor Swift. I want you Duggles to give him your full attention.” At that, some of us stopped sniffing the ground. Unfortunately, I had a wicked itch behind my right ear, and when I turned to scratch it, Professor Hagrid said, “Harper, you too.” I was so embarrassed.

Small Poodle at Large | Harper B. | Dog Blog | Dogwart's
At the scene of a texting-while-flying accident. “It was horrible. Matilda was flattened. It took three days for her to regain three dimensionality.”

The professors set up a large screen and a slide projector. I thought they would teach us some flying moves, but Professor Swift barked, “Today, young Duggles, we are going to learn the most important flying safety rule: Never, ever text and fly. Any Duggle caught texting while flying will be immediately expelled.” Then a picture of a flier face-planted on a tree flashed on the screen.

My muzzle was still burning from being scolded in front of the class, so I didn’t have the heart to raise my paw to tell the Professors that Duggles don’t use devices.

Once I get my dogjo back I’ll let the Professors know they can probably skip this particular lesson in the future. But for now it’s recess…Honey and I are off to mark the Quidditch field before the Hufflepups get out of class.