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Small Poodle at Large | Harper B. | Dogwart'sGood news! I talked Coach into letting me be the Quidditch game announcer this school year at Dogwart’s. At first I wanted to be on the team because I love zooming around on my Dogsweep 2000…but once I found out about bludgers, I changed my mind. I told you before, I only like to play games where dogs chase the balls, not the other way around.

Coach also let me keep my Quidditch uniform and team member portrait, since I’m the announcer. I’ve been putting my time on the microphone to good use. When the teams practice, I get to practice announcing. Unfortunately, maybe the power of the microphone did go to my head this morning. I decided to yank Chase and Hairy Pawter’s tails a bit, since they hid their little midnight Hippogriff joy rides from Honey and me. So I’ll tell you what I did: The Gryffindog and Hufflepup teams were out at practice. Chase is the seeker, so he was zooming all over the field with his golden doodle curls blowing in the wind. Hairy Pawter was given the position of beater; he was tailing Chase, trying to keep the bludgers at a distance. That’s when Chase saw the snitch and made a quick maneuver straight into the sky.

“Look at Chase go! He’s got his eyes on the snitch, and isn’t he cute?” I barked into the microphone.

“Harper, keep it professional,” Honey growled softly, “or you’ll get fired.”

“And there is Hairy Pawter, riding his Dogsweep and batting those bludgers away right and left….with his little terrier self!” I added. Honey gave me a look.

And then came the moment I was really waiting for. Chase and Hairy Pawter were screaming across the field. The snitch was flapping its small golden wings, teasing Chase with the promise of a practice victory. “Wow, look at Chase go, and Hairy Pawter right behind him. All of those midnight Hippogriff rides must really be taking their flying speed and dexterity to new levels.”

Well that did it. You’d have thought a dementor-dog had entered the playing field. Chase sputtered and his broom went into a nosedive, Hairy Pawter got distracted and flew right into a Hufflepup, and Coach started blowing her whistle like crazy. It was chaos.

“You’ve done it now,” Honey said to me. I backed away from the microphone. Maybe I had gone a little too far. It wasn’t long before Coach appeared in the announcer’s stands. “Harper, come with me.” And so I followed Coach, but I wasn’t happy about it. I wondered if maybe she was going to confiscate my red cape and broom. Thinking about that possibility made my tail droop between my legs. “Good luck,” barked Honey as she watched me head down the stairs and into the unknown.