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Dogs, I have my first flying broom! I can’t wait to try it out. You’ll remember, a couple of weeks ago when I received my Dogwart’s acceptance, there was an instruction to bring a Dogsweep 2000 to the first flying class. Small Poodle at Large | Harper B.| Dog BlogMy human and I were at a loss as to where to purchase it. You can’t exactly get a flying broom at Ace Hardware. We were thinking it over for a few days when a package arrived in the mail. It was from Dogwart’s, addressed to me, with the words “DANGEROUS” and “Confidential” stamped in big letters across the front. Luckily it came by owl post; there is no way the U.S. Postal Service would fool around with that.

Inside the package was an emerald green collar and leash, just my size, which looked like they were made from dragon scales. It turns out, they were a port key. I didn’t even have time to admire my new get-up in the mirror…as soon as I was buckled in and my human was at the end of the lead, we were transported to Dogbone Alley…an old, cobblestone street full of magical stores just for us Dogwart’s students. We appeared right in front of Whisker’s Magical Brooms & Merchandise. Inside the front window was the Dogsweep 2000. Just seeing it gave me chills and made my hair curl more than usual.

The store clerk ushered us in, looked right and left down the alley, then closed and locked the door. The bell hanging from the handle made a loud clang as the clerk hung the “Closed” sign on the door. I was tempted to bark, but held my muzzle. Next, he motioned us to follow him into a comfortable room with yellow velvet wallpaper with a design of bones and fire hydrants. Every so often the hydrants would shoot out a bit of mist and the bones would run around the wall barking. I wasn’t sure how to react, so I played it safe with a wag.

On the far wall were four carved wooden dog doors of increasing sizes labeled small, medium, large, and small-medium-at-large. I have no idea what that last one was about. Of course, I lined up in front of the door labeled small. To the side of the door was a long roll of parchment with the names of dog breeds. The list was written in alphabetical order with brown ink in a tightly scrolled handwriting. I looked down the list until I found the word “poodle,” then pushed the door open with my nose.

Harper B. with her first Dogsweep 2000. "I can't wait to learn to fly!"
Harper B. with her first Dogsweep 2000. “I can’t wait to learn to fly!”

On the other side of the threshold sat three different Dogsweep 2000 models, all small. The clerk invited me to smell each of them, so I could decide which was the right one for me. One smelled like clovers with a trace of honey; the second gave off a deep whiff of aged liver; and the last broom coughed, sending out a puff of black smoke from its bristles which smelled like car exhaust. I licked the clover and honey broom. As soon as my tongue touched the handle, I heard the faint sound of the clerk saying, “Ah, a very fine choice.” Then he mumbled something else which was muffled because at that moment my human, broom, and I were spinning in darkness until we landed smack back in our living room! …So now I have my first Dogsweep 2000. I nicknamed her Clover. I can’t wait to show Honey and the other Duggles!