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Reina hanging at the coast.
Photo by Rita Geary

Like me, my sister, Reina, is a dog who loves to get out and enjoy the world. If you’re ready to explore beyond the lines of your fence, here are some of our top ideas. And luckily, as small dogs, we can fit almost anywhere…so pack your chew toys, herd you human, and let’s go!

Reina Bay.jpg
Reina goes sailing.
Photo by Rita Geary

“There’s nothing like an October evening on the San Francisco Bay, with the breeze blowing through your puff, the salty tang on your nose, and the sunset across the skyline…It’s what gives me inspiration,” muses Reina.

Harper view.jpg
Harper takes in the view.

Don’t rule out urban options.Try a hotel with a view. You’ll have hours of entertainment watching the birds fly by.

Winnie car seat.jpg
Winnie loads up for a day out.

And remember, dogs, always buckle up! A safe dog is a happy dog.

Now get out there and enjoy!