"We couldn't wait to get our muzzles into this cake!"
“We couldn’t wait to get our muzzles into this cake!”

We dogs had the most amazing experience at Chloe’s birthday last week. When we arrived, there was a bone-shaped cake on the picnic table.

“Chocolate?” we said. “Dogs can’t eat chocolate!”

"I tried to get a closer look at the cake, but it was simply out of reach."
“I tried to get a closer look, but the pastry in question was simply out of reach.”

“No worries,” Chloe barked. “It’s a dog-friendly carob oat cake.” I was hoping we would have an opportunity to get up to the table and sniff around, but no chance. For a while it seemed like maybe the cake was just for decoration. I wanted to do some reconnaissance, but unfortunately I was too short to see much past the top of the bench.

Let them eat cake!
“It was unbelievable! The humans put the cake on the ground. I thought I would faint.”

The people distracted us with games. They put us on leashes to play musical sit. When the music stopped, the last dog to go into a sit was out! Once that was over, we sang to Chloe. My human thought they were going to cut up the cake for us so we could each have a slice. But something even better happened! They put the entire bone cake on the ground in one huge, glorious piece. We pounced on it!

It was going really well…we all had our muzzles in…but then the people noticed the little dog, Ruby. She was so excited she was spasming in between gulps. That worried them, so they picked up the cake before we had a chance to devour the entire thing.

So now I know to dream big. It is definitely possible for a dog to have her cake and eat it too! Bone Appetit!

photos by Jim Hammack