Numerology | Small Poodle at LargeHappy 12th day of the 1st month of the 2015th year A.D., pooches! I was going to start off the New Year by finally taking the Dognition assessment, a scientifically based on-line tool designed to give insight into each dog’s genius. I’m always up for hearing more about my genius!

But then my friend Lisa sent a link for pet numerology. I come from a bit of a woo-woo family, so I decided to go for the numerology before the science.

If you want to get your numero-scope, you can go to: It turns out, I’m a 3, so my result is:

Get out the toys because this one is a playful one. They love to meet people and go places because of their friendly social nature. They may be extra talkative so be prepared for some serious barking. You better be prepared for extra trips to the doggie park because this dog is an energetic one.”

Well, I do like toys, going places, and meeting people. But I have to take issue with the barking comment…Maybe if I want some deep insight into my nature, I’ll have to go check out Dognition after all.  I’ll keep you posted!