Small Poodle at Large | Harper B. | Dog Blog |Dogwart'sI’ll admit it…sometimes my human gives me a command, and I just sniff the ground and pretend I didn’t hear. Well, I started classes at Dogwart’s this week and the experience gives me a whole new take on following directions. Here’s what happened. It was the first Spells and Charms class, and I was sitting on a mat with my partner, Honey. Luckily for us, they teach us to cast spells using our tails. Can you imagine if we dogs had to use wands? It would be cumbersome, plus we wouldn’t know whether to chew it, chase it, or cast a spell with it!

Anyway, the Professor instructed us to point our tail at our partner and bark once. If the charm worked, we were supposed to gently levitate about a foot off the floor and meow like a cat. I was excited to try that. But my partner, Honey, isn’t big on directions. She pointed her tail at me and barked three times! Guess what happened? Suddenly there were three of me!

Small Poodle at Large | Harper B. | Dog Blog |Dogwart's School of MagicAll three of us had to go to the veterinary side of the hospital wing so we could be mergitated into one again.

Poor Honey received detention and had to spend half of recess in a kennel practicing single barks, which meant she didn’t get to run down to the Quidditch field with the rest of us. One thing’s for sure–at Dogwart’s it’s important to follow your commands. You never know what could happen!