I have a story to tell. Our nextdoor neighbor got a little toy poodle puppy, Zeus. My human was so excited. She kept telling me, “Now you can have your own puppy!” She wouldn’t stop talking about it. Maybe it’s because Zeus looks a lot like me. Maybe it was the red eyebrows. Who knows?

Every time we went to visit, I was friendly. The little guy is definitely cute. But I tried to keep my distance to show that I really didn’t want the responsibility of my own puppy.

In truth, I’m more of a career dog. I’m a therapy dog, I help my human tutor kids, and I’ve got the paw-blog. Plus, I’d rather be the puppy.

With all the talk about gender these days, I realize we still have a long way to go. I decided to put my paw down. And after weeks of going on and on, my human finally got it. She apawlogized to me for trying to pressure me to be something I’m not. And, of course, I accepted it. As for Zeus, when he grows up a little, we can definitely be walking buddies.