Puppy Love ~ He’s Just Not that Into Me…


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Puppy love is never easy. My first boyfriend was a man, literally.  I fell in love the first time I set my little puppy eyes on him. He’s a dog walker, so he understands a K-9 gal, and a good kisser, too. But, as hard as it was to accept, he just wasn’t that into me.

IMG_5101So, how is a girl supposed to please her man? I’ve stopped asking myself this question. Now I ask, “How can my man please ME?” Once I realized my first relationship was going nowhere fast, I met the most fabulous chihuahua, Chief. Sure, he’s a little man, and I know he gets around…but he’s always a perfect gentleman and he knows how to give me what I like. Plus, let’s face it, I’m an eight-pound poodle…it’s nice to be someone’s Big Woman for a change.

Shakespeare for Dogs: A Profound Question


Shakespeare for dogs headerTo Be A Poodle Or Not To Be“To be a poodle, or not to be a poodle, that is the question—”                                                                             ~Willhound Shakespeare, Hamlet

This is my favorite Willhound Shakespeare quote. The profound nature of the question, first written in 1599, still resonates deeply today. At times, I meditate on it while I chew my bone. This is a great tool for the introspective poodle. Of course, in the end, “To be a poodle” is the obvious answer…but pondering the alternative gives one paws, and perspective. I like to elevate my mind, since my body is only ten inches off the ground! Hmmm…to be ten inches off the ground, or not to be?….I think I have a new question to contemplate.

Advice on all things Dog: Best friend’s ears make me green with envy…


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Ginger is our advice columist on all things dog. Need perspective? Give her a bark at AskGinger@small-poodle-at-large.com.
Ginger is our advice columnist on all things dog. Need perspective? Give her a bark.
Photo by Naomi Torres

Dear Ginger: My best friend, Winnie, has the most long and luxurious poodle ears. My mom cuts mine short. When I see Winnie, I just want to yank those beautiful ears.  I think if she were really my best friend, she’d cut hers short so I don’t have to be jealous.  What do you think? ~Green with Envy

Dear Green, I know you’re a dog, but you don’t have to be a b–ch. Let your friends shine. You’ll be a better poodle for it.

If you’re a dog in need of advice, send Ginger a woof at AskGinger@small-poodle-at-large.com.

Pink is the New Black, Haute Dogues!


We all know small dogs are the queens of doggy couture. Just look around…small dogs like their fashion. I love my big dog friends, but let’s face it, slap a collar on them and they’re good to go.

So for you prancing fashionistas, I have you covered. This spring PINK is the new black!

Here are some quick and easy ways to build the latest fashion trend into your wardrobe:

For a quick, sassy touch, add a casual silk bow, and you're ready to go!
For a quick, sassy touch, add a casual silk bow, and you’re ready to go!


My friend, Chloe, knows a pink ball makes a great accessory.
My friend, Chloe, knows a pink ball makes a great accessory.
Got tail? Flaunt it with a bright pink jacket~









Remember, girls, it never hurts to Strike a Pose! Dogue!
And, remember, Dogues, it never hurts to Strike a Pose!


Photos of Chloe taken by Jim Hammack

Woofs of Wisdom: Prance Like Nobody’s Watching


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A dog’s life isn’t always a walk in the park. We all need that one friend who can listen well, offer perspective and help us get back in touch with the important things in life. My go-to dog for inspiration is my friend Curtis. In this week’s Woofs of Wisdom, Curtis reminds us to kick our paws in the ay-er like we just don’t cay-er!  Let’s all take his lead ~ get out there, be yourself, and take a prance!

Doga, Boga, Yoga!


We’ve all heard of Doga, but the latest trend for the urban dog is Boga. Boga combines the use of a ball or bone with traditional yoga poses. Try this workout for a great stretch.

1. Begin in Neutral Puppy Pose with your ball and bone on the mat below your nose.
2. Move into Downward Dog. Visualize your mouth reaching toward the ball for an extra stretch.
3. Raise your tail in the air for the Exalted Puppy pose.
Finish the series in a relaxed puppy pose.


“The Doga poses help me stay flexible and fit. But since I’ve been doing Boga, I have become much more mindful of my relationship with my ball and bone. I have become a more spiritual puppy. I can’t recommend it more highly.”

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