Small Poodle at Large | Harper B. | Paws and Crafts | Dog BlogSmall Poodle at Large | Nose ArtWe artist dogs usually don’t have stacks of materials available to us for making art. This great bumper sticker reminds me glass makes a perfect canvas for a creating canine, whether a car window or the big front window at home. The beauty of nose art is you don’t need paint or a brush to make a composition of nose prints; just make sure your nose is hydrated for best results.

When creating, it’s important to let yourself explore without judgment. Like a mandala, most dog art is of a transitory nature. And nose art is no exception. So along with enjoying your composition, you also have the opportunity to practice the art of letting go when your human comes along with the glass cleaner. Think of it this way, pooches: Voila! With a quick wipe, you now have a new canvas prepared for your next piece!