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Puppy love is never easy. My first boyfriend was a man, literally.  I fell in love the first time I set my little puppy eyes on him. He’s a dog walker, so he understands a K-9 gal, and a good kisser, too. But, as hard as it was to accept, he just wasn’t that into me.

IMG_5101So, how is a girl supposed to please her man? I’ve stopped asking myself this question. Now I ask, “How can my man please ME?” Once I realized my first relationship was going nowhere fast, I met the most fabulous chihuahua, Chief. Sure, he’s a little man, and I know he gets around…but he’s always a perfect gentleman and he knows how to give me what I like. Plus, let’s face it, I’m an eight-pound poodle…it’s nice to be someone’s Big Woman for a change.