Small Poodle at Large | Harper B. | Dog Blog |Meditation for DogsDogs, this meditation practice is designed especially for us canines. We all know how important it is to focus on the breath while we meditate. Humans often bring their attention to the rise and fall of the belly, or the feel of the in-breath at the nostrils. A wonderful focusing point for dogs is the tail. So, find a spot that is free of distractions (bones, cats, postal deliveries), where you are comfortable and relaxed. As you begin to focus on your breath, imagine the air flowing all the way through your entire body to where your tail begins at your lower spine. Then send your breath all the way down to the very tip of your tail. As you exhale, let go of any stress you have been carrying. This feels pawesome.

As you keep your attention on the breath, moving it to the very end of your tail, notice any sensations in that area of your body. Does it itch? Do you feel the urge to wag? Or a strong desire to chase it? Try not to respond to what you feel, but simply notice. Our tails do so much for us, and we rarely take the time to really check in with them. Then, before you finish your meditation, feel gratitude for your wag-a-lag. Start to move it slowly back and forth as you come out of this deep relaxation. Namaste, pooches.