ERE1957001W01915-08Dogs…As you know, for the past year I’ve been pawndering the question, “Can dogs be art?” Well, French photographer, Elliott Erwitt, settles the question once and for all. His black-and-white canine images capture the soul, emotion, and dignity of dogs and their humans from every walk of life.

Sixty-five of Elliott Erwitt’s canine photographs are being featured in his show at the Delaware Museum of Art: Elliott Erwitt: Dog Dogs. According to the museum website, Erwitt captures some of his best images by barking at dogs. I would love to get his picture while he’s working. It’s amazing what humans say when they bark.

The photographs in the exhibit are an excerpt of the larger body of work in Erwitt’s book, Dog Dogs.  He describes the collection as “not a book of dog pictures but of dogs in pictures.” This statement gives me paws, but I decided to chew on it. Meanwhile, I can’t wait to take in the 500 black-and-white pictures in “Dog Dogs.” Wow and woof…there’s no doubt pooches…we’re definitely art.