therapy pets harperWe canines can be proud of all the ways we contribute to our families’ happiness, health and well being. Because of our natural healing abilities, some of us also like to volunteer as therapy dogs. Therapy dogs visit hospitals, retirement homes, libraries, and schools. Some  partner with physical and occupational therapists to work with people who are recovering from injuries. I’ve heard there are even llamas who are therapy pets! I’ve been hoping to meet one to see if we are simpatico, but so far it hasn’t happened.

I have been visiting the oncology infusion center of a local medical center. I really love to greet people when they aren’t expecting to see a dog, and if they want me to, I sit in their laps while they receive their treatment.

If you’re a dog in the Bay Area who wants to work in the community, you can find out more at It’s a really great pack to be part of.