Small Poodle at Large | Woofs of Wisdom | Harper B.Prancing, Pouncing, Panting…We dogs are constantly on the go…sprinting here and there, keeping track of our humans and our bones…squeezing in a run or a walk…watching through the front window in case there is something of great or little importance to bark at…Wow, life can feel like a treadmill sometimes.

This week’s Woofs of Wisdom remind us the way to experience a sense of inner peace and calm is not through action, but by stilling the body and quieting the mind. By completely relaxing and tuning into the body’s messages, all other concerns start to fall away for that moment. It’s amazing the impact taking this time can have on life. My friend, Calla, likes to feel the dichotomy between action and inaction by running to her human, then letting go and assuming a completely relaxed posture as she’s lifted. Next, she hangs mid-air without resistance, closing her eyes, and moving inward. This is a great trust building exercise as well. So, Dogs, if you are feeling a little harried by your busy life, take a few minutes to just hang, and be a dog with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Woof!