letting go sparkyLike a dog with a bone, many of us want to hang on to the known and familiar. But sometimes what we are hanging onto is stopping us from going after what we really want. The paradox of letting go is that on the other side we meet “letting”… Letting a new experience into our lives. Letting ourselves take a risk  or pursue a passion that seems unrealistic. Letting the universe conspire on our behalf. The interconnection of release and receiving is everywhere around us. Nothing new can fit into our mouths or our paws if they are closed. If you feel moved to, choose something to release today…it can be a limitation, an old idea of yourself, a creative block, or that chewed up ball that lost its squeaker. Literally open your paws and let it go. Then watch to see what receiving comes to you. Personally, as hard as it is, tomorrow I plan to let go of my small chew bone in the hopes of attracting a really big one instead.