Think Outside of the BoxspringSo often we are limited by our habits or ideas of ourselves. That’s why I feel it is important to challenge boxes of all kinds. In order to anchor in the experience of thinking outside of the box, I use my box-spring, and symbolically place myself outside of its parameters. This reminds me to allow myself to stretch beyond my comfort zone (a.k.a. bed), and try new experiences. I can also feel the places where I am stuck emotionally, or perhaps literally where my legs are caught in the bed frame. This gives me something to pawnder, and often leads to a breakthrough.

Harper bed 2.jpgAnd it’s important not to limit this stretching to beds shaped like boxes. I also make this a practice with my round bed, as well.

So, today’s Woofs of Wisdom remind us to think outside of the box, stretch beyond our normal parameters, and try something new and exciting!

Rock it and Woof it!