Small Poodle at Large, Woofs of Wisdom, Harper B., Ivy Sandz

Once in a while, no matter how hard you try — or sometimes because you try too hard — life gets a bit wild and messy. It’s just a fact that our busy lives can become a circus. Don’t worry dogs, this is part of the natural cycle of modern day life. It will pass. Today’s Woofs of Wisdom remind us to avoid getting caught up in the fray. When life gets chaotic, you have a choice. You can chase your tail while your mind goes round and round, or obsessively bite that itchy spot on your behind until your human slaps a plastic cone Elizabethan collar on you. In other words, without consciousness, things can get worse. During times like these, it’s best to stop, take a break, and observe. Oh, and disguising yourself with a good circus ruff can’t hurt. It helps a dog blend in while the circus goes by.