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Ginger is our advice columist on all things dog. Need perspective? Give her a bark at
Ginger is our advice columnist on all things dog. Need perspective? Give her a bark.
Photo by Naomi Torres

Dear Ginger: My brother, Mr. Bo Jangles, is a decoy artist. Whenever I try to snuggle up in one of our human’s laps, he distracts me by cleaning my ears…which I love. Before I know it, he’s up in the lap, too! I know he is possessive and wants the most attention. I find it distasteful to snarl at him during such times. But I really want some alone time with my family. How do I handle this with aplomb?  ~Lulu

Dear Lulu:  Get it together, girl! If you lose your focus every time any Bo, Dick or Hairy starts licking your ears, you’ll never get what you really want. Keep your eye on the prize, and you’ll have Mr. Bo Jangles re-trained in no time.  ~Ginger

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