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Frosty Paws!


Harper B. / Small Poodle at Large / Doggles / Haute DogueWow, pooches! I just found out from my friend, Delaney, there is a specially formulated ice cream just for dogs – Frosty Paws! How did I miss this?

They have an original flavor and peanut butter. I think I’d go for the PB! But I’d love it if they developed a liver flavor.

And for those of you with humans who like to prepare your food, I found a Homemade Frosty Paws recipe on The Daily Puppy. Just e-mail it to your human and I’m sure they’ll get right on it.

Enjoy your ice cream, dogs!


Paws and Order: A Legal Breakthrough for Pooches


pawprint-in-cement-600x600Way to go, Dogifornia! Yesterday California’s governor, Jerry Brown, signed a new law allowing us dogs to accompany our families to the outdoor patio areas of restaurants. Now our humans can go out with their favorite four paws, and still be allowed to order!

I have a feeling there was a bit of canine lobbying behind the scenes. Perhaps Jerry Brown’s dog, Sutter Brown, had a bit of influence. It’s comforting to a small poodle like me to know there are dogs in high places.

I give this new law four paws up and a vigorous wag. It’s a long overdue boost in canine rights, and an acknowledgment that families with furry members deserve equality too~ Bone Appetit!


Dog Fortune Cookies!


dog fortune cookiesWow, we have everything here in the Bay Area. My human friend, Maria, sent me this photograph. It turns out, we even have dog fortune cookies! I wish I’d thought of that.  I started to pawnder what should be in a dog fortune cookie? Definitely us dogs would like a piece of freeze-dried liver in each one. Then I began searching around the dogosphere for fortune-for-dog ideas, and added  my own to the list:

If you want it…take it.

He likes to chase tails, but toward you his intentions are honorable.

The best bone is yet to come.

Look around; happiness is trying to catch you…and so is another dog.


Three dogs can share a bone if you get rid of two.

A journey to the dog park must begin with a single step.

You need not worry about your future, you’re a dog.

The slipper you chewed this morning will soon be discovered.

The answers you seek may be found at the library in the self-help for dogs section.

In the near future, you will have a strong desire for your dog bed.

A dog is never too old to learn a new trick.

You are loyal and seek to protect those you love.

There are two wags and a Frisbee in your future.

You are vigorous in bark and action.

A bone in the paw is worth two in the bush.

You will hit the jackpot of wealth, wet food, and wags.

The wise dog knows when to growl.

Never underestimate the cat next door.

You’d like to contribute unwanted noise to the household, but nobody likes a yapper.

Beware, your mailman will bite you tomorrow.

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Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!


"We couldn't wait to get our muzzles into this cake!"
“We couldn’t wait to get our muzzles into this cake!”

We dogs had the most amazing experience at Chloe’s birthday last week. When we arrived, there was a bone-shaped cake on the picnic table.

“Chocolate?” we said. “Dogs can’t eat chocolate!”

"I tried to get a closer look at the cake, but it was simply out of reach."
“I tried to get a closer look, but the pastry in question was simply out of reach.”

“No worries,” Chloe barked. “It’s a dog-friendly carob oat cake.” I was hoping we would have an opportunity to get up to the table and sniff around, but no chance. For a while it seemed like maybe the cake was just for decoration. I wanted to do some reconnaissance, but unfortunately I was too short to see much past the top of the bench.

Let them eat cake!
“It was unbelievable! The humans put the cake on the ground. I thought I would faint.”

The people distracted us with games. They put us on leashes to play musical sit. When the music stopped, the last dog to go into a sit was out! Once that was over, we sang to Chloe. My human thought they were going to cut up the cake for us so we could each have a slice. But something even better happened! They put the entire bone cake on the ground in one huge, glorious piece. We pounced on it!

It was going really well…we all had our muzzles in…but then the people noticed the little dog, Ruby. She was so excited she was spasming in between gulps. That worried them, so they picked up the cake before we had a chance to devour the entire thing.

So now I know to dream big. It is definitely possible for a dog to have her cake and eat it too! Bone Appetit!

photos by Jim Hammack



Chef Peanut relaxes at home before starting work for the day.
Chef Peanut relaxes at home before starting work for the day.

At Small-Poodle-at-Large we want to showcase small dog talent. My friend, Chef Peanut, has worked at Chez-Pooch-Panisse for the past ten years as the head dog pastry chef. His peanut butter dog biscuits are a perennial favorite. “Alice just loves my work, and I love being part of the Chez-Pooch family. It’s amazing to be at the cutting edge of the ‘slow dog movement.'”

There is also a philosophy and educational mission behind Peanut’s work. “At mealtime, many dogs put their heads in the bowl and chow down. At Chez-Pooch, we strive to create a dining experience the sophisticated dog can savor. We also educate our customers so they can appreciate the organic, seasonal and locally sourced nature of their food.”  So, dogs, don’t chow down, slow down!   Bone Appetit!


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