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No Mailman Left Behind…


When I wasn’t looking, dogs must have been given driving privileges! Have you seen the new series of Subaru commercials? They’re going all out for the as-yet-untapped canine car consumer.

I LOVE these commercials. I’d insert the “dog date” skit, but it might be a little too racy for my puppy readers. But here’s a good rated G one: (for e-mail subscribers, tap into the blog to see the video).

Now I just need to figure out how to get my license…

Numerology goes to the Dogs…finally!


Numerology | Small Poodle at LargeHappy 12th day of the 1st month of the 2015th year A.D., pooches! I was going to start off the New Year by finally taking the Dognition assessment, a scientifically based on-line tool designed to give insight into each dog’s genius. I’m always up for hearing more about my genius!

But then my friend Lisa sent a link for pet numerology. I come from a bit of a woo-woo family, so I decided to go for the numerology before the science.

If you want to get your numero-scope, you can go to: It turns out, I’m a 3, so my result is:

Get out the toys because this one is a playful one. They love to meet people and go places because of their friendly social nature. They may be extra talkative so be prepared for some serious barking. You better be prepared for extra trips to the doggie park because this dog is an energetic one.”

Well, I do like toys, going places, and meeting people. But I have to take issue with the barking comment…Maybe if I want some deep insight into my nature, I’ll have to go check out Dognition after all.  I’ll keep you posted!

Dog Massage? Sign Me Up!


"I'm ready to try my first professional dog massage. Send in the therapist!"
“I’m ready to try my first professional dog massage. Send in the therapist!”

Dogs! Last Thursday the S.F. Chronicle featured a story called, “See Spot Relax: Pet Massage Trend Grows.” I never knew the dog masseuse profession existed, but I must say I fully support it. Apparently there are pet owners out there who use the service on a regular basis. Dog massage is seen as “more than just glorified petting,” but as a way to improve a dog’s quality of life. A weekly professional massage certainly would improve my quality of life.

Shelah Barr of Happy Hounds Massage says “she is guided by what the dog desires, which sometimes means the pet chews on a bone the whole time.” I can understand that. A chew and a massage are like a double stress reliever for us canines. And Grace Granatelli, a dog masseuse in Arizona, even plays new-age spa music to help relax the dogs. Sign me up!

Unfortunately, it’s not all paradise in the dog massage world. Granatelli and two other animal massage practitioners have received cease-and-desist letters from the Arizona State Veterinary Medical Examining Board. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. Just thinking about it makes me tense. I really need a massage.

Pawsitively Fascinating


"The more I find out about the canine brain, the more amazed I am by us fur people."
“The more I find out about the canine brain, the more amazed I am by us fur people.”

Dogs! 60 minutes ran a fascinating story last night about canines and our brains. The piece begins with a focus on a border collie named Chaser, widely considered “the smartest dog in the world,” because of his 1000+ word vocabulary, and his ability to differentiate between nouns and verbs.

An evolutionary anthropologist and a neuroscientist are also interviewed about their work on the canine brain. Through scientific testing, humans are finally finding out that dogs are capable of the receptive language skills of a toddler, as well as inferential thinking…an ability that other animals, even monkeys, do not have. I knew we were smart, but wow.

Scientists have also proven the relationship between a dog and its person releases “the love hormone,” oxytocin. When dogs and humans touch, play, or look into each other’s eyes, oxytocin is released into the bloodstream of both the dog and the person. No wonder it feels so good to hang out with a dog! Pawsitively fascinating.

If you’d like to watch the full segment, you can find it at

Bubble Bursters


Last weekend I was hiking at Fort Funston, minding my own business, when I came across this sign: There’s No Poop Fairy!

I’ve been devastated ever since. What a mean-spirited joke! It’s like posting a sign on a six-year-old’s door that says “There’s No Tooth Fairy: Put your own money under the pillow.” Or one at Christmas which reads, “There’s No Santa Claus: Buy your own presents.”

But the most ridiculous part of this entire scene is that there most definitely is a Poop Fairy. I’ve met her several times while taking care of my business, and she looks nothing like the picture on that silly sign. So to the Poop Fairy: We still believe!

A Dog Who Needs Some Peace and Quiet


Dogs! This amazing Boston T, Max, knows what he wants…and what he wants is some peace and quiet from his drum-playing human. First he tries to communicate in Doggish, but when that fails this dog knows what to do with a stick.

I really admire a dog who knows who to take care of business!

And what is it with Boston T’s and drums anyway? This Boston, Peabody, wants the drum all to himself, no sticks required.

Videos of Max and Peabody from youtube.


Paws and Order: A Legal Breakthrough for Pooches


pawprint-in-cement-600x600Way to go, Dogifornia! Yesterday California’s governor, Jerry Brown, signed a new law allowing us dogs to accompany our families to the outdoor patio areas of restaurants. Now our humans can go out with their favorite four paws, and still be allowed to order!

I have a feeling there was a bit of canine lobbying behind the scenes. Perhaps Jerry Brown’s dog, Sutter Brown, had a bit of influence. It’s comforting to a small poodle like me to know there are dogs in high places.

I give this new law four paws up and a vigorous wag. It’s a long overdue boost in canine rights, and an acknowledgment that families with furry members deserve equality too~ Bone Appetit!




Small Poodle at Large | Harper B. | Dog Blog | High FiveI started Treats Class a couple of weeks ago. My human calls it Tricks class…I’m not sure why…the entire time we are getting treat after treat after treat. This must be what Halloween is like for kids. I’m into it.

Thanks to my high motivation factor (TREATS), I’ve learned a couple of tricks so far…high-five and shake. My friend, Ruby, a five-pound poodle, is in class with me too, so sometimes we like to sniff and wag at each other while the teacher is talking. But Ruby’s mom is a principal, so we have to watch it…otherwise she says, “Ladies!” to us in that principal voice. I think she should say, “Fur women!” Anyway, my goal is for Ruby and I to high-five each other at the dog park. We’ll see if we can make that happen. Yeah!


Dogs and Devices!


Wow and woof! I was reading Leah Garchik’s Public Eavesdropping…I didn’t know there are dogs out there who have broken into the world of apps and devices! This dog’s person is so cutting edge and considerate. Imagine if we dogs didn’t have to use our sixth sense to know when our people were coming home…Plus, we could use the dictate function to text our owners back. For instance, we could use three fast woofs to mean, “Hurry home…I really need to go out now.” Or a high-pitched “Aarf-Aarf” to say, “The squirrel in the yard is driving me crazy,” and other important information. I’m already thinking there could be a Twitter for dogs called Bark.

This is a real breakthrough for canine-human communication. This young woman gets two paws up for seeing the cross-species applications of apps! I think I’ll tell my human to start making pocket vests for dogs. In five years every dog across America will probably have a smart phone, and we’ll need a way to carry our devices around. I’m already planning to use “Who Let the Dogs Out?” as my ring tone! WOOF.


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