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Santa Baby


Santa Baby, please slip a little bone under the tree, for me.

Been an awful good dog, Santa Baby.

Woof-woof, woof-woof, woof-woof,

woof, woof.

      Think of all the fun I’ve missed. Think of all the gross stuff that I could’ve licked.

Next year I could be just a good, if you tick off my Christmas list.

Santa Cutie, there is one more thing I really need, my lead

Don’t want to always be on the line,  Santa Honey,

So hurry down and take it tonight.   Me-ow.


An Eventful New Year’s Eve


Pooches, usually I just stay in for New Year’s Eve, but this year I was in the mood to go out to see and be seen. So my friend, Ruby, and I got all dogged up and ready to go to the club. Harper B. We were feeling pretty good in our boas and collars. But, we’re just two poodle girls, so we asked our friend Curtis to come along as security. He likes to be Security.


Our New Year’s plan was in full swing. We all snuck out of the house, and headed for The Bone Room.

But I guess I’m not really cut out for nightlife. The first thing we saw when we arrived were the bouncers. bouncersI started shaking, Ruby was wagging, and Curtis was barking his head off.

The bouncers looked skeptical, but then Ruby started to do the Nae Nae, and they signaled we could go in.

Suddenly this escapade didn’t seem like such a good idea. Curtis agreed, so we rounded Ruby up, and high-tailed it home back to bed.

I think next year, I’ll just stay in with a good book and a bone.



Intention Time, Pooches…


Harper view.jpgNow that the Pawlidays are over, it’s time to look out at the sky and pawnder all that I’m grateful for. And there’s a lot.

Next, I set my intentions for the New Year. Here’s my list:

1. Community: Make time for chew dates with friends.

2. Exercise: Lots of walks by the Bay, feeling the wind in my pouf.

3. Health: Add swimming to my rehab regimen.

4. Service: Spread joy. And cutetness. Wag more.

5. Life Balance: Stop to smell the roses, and the peE-mail.

I’m pretty happy with my list, pooches. Here’s looking forward to a great 2016…I think it’s going to be a four paws up and a vigorous wag year.  Love, Harper

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