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Flying Geese, Lying Poodle


Harper B. flying geese, lying poodlePooches…we’re always looking for ways to be creative. Don’t miss the opportunity to insert yourself into one of your people’s projects.

My human was fixing up an old quilt, and while she was busy with that, I invented an entirely new quilt pattern — I call it “Flying Geese, Lying Poodle.” Opportunities for dog creativity are everywhere once you look around.

My friend, Ruby, came over and she totally gets it. She added herself to the quilt as well. We definitely add that je ne sais paw. flying geese and poodles 2


Pawtrait Fun


Small Poodle at Large | Pawtrait with Harper pawtrait with picture


My human had a ton of fun at the Friends of Berkeley Animal Care Services Paint Your Pet Fundraiser yesterday. And guess what? Any interested people have another chance coming up on April 19…Just check out the “Friends” Facebook page.

I think the white on my beard needs to be toned down a bit, but other than that I’m pretty happy with my pawtrait. It definitely turned out bigger than I am. But that’s okay…it gives me stature. Woof.


The Whole Kit and CaPOODLE


Ruby turned two this week, which meant we had to pawty like it was 1999.
Ruby turned two this week, which meant we had to pawty like it was 1999.

Yesterday was Ruby’s two-year birthday pawty, and it was amazing!

Activity #1: Paw painting. All of us party pooches got to let our inner artists out. There’s nothing like the feeling of paint oozing between your paw pads. It was also hard to keep our beards clean.

paw paint








It turns out we all employed different techniques. Chloe’s was probably the most interesting…she really got some air….

chloe paw painting










But I want to show you my Masterpiece. At first I had good traction so I could twirl over the paper…but eventually my paws started to slip so I called it done.

my masterpiece After all the painting came Activity #2: Frosty Paws Ice Cream Bar!

frosty paws ice cream barThe best part was the toppings. We could pick from liver, bacon, “steak,” carob chips, and cheese for dogs. I’m definitely going to try to get invited to Ruby’s house more often. Once all of us pooches had our ice cream bowls, the party died down for a time. Ruby started shaking all over, she was so excited. Then she pushed me out of my bowl and ate mine! But she was the Birthday Girl, so I had to submit.

Happy Birthday, Ruby!



Paint Your Pet’s Pawtrait


paint your pet fundraiserDogs! Have you always wanted to see your pawtrait hanging over the fireplace? Well, if you’re a Bay Area pooch, now’s your chance! Send your human on over to the Paint Your Pet fundraiser. It should be a real howl…AND the proceeds benefit Friends of Berkeley Animal Care Services to raise money for shelter cats and dogs! My human will be there. Will yours?


Two Poodles


Some things never change…for instance the distinct way we poodles like to play. Pierre Bonnard captures it perfectly in his painting, “The Two Poodles” (1891).

Bonnard is known for his intense use of color…but what I’m interested in is his excellent choice of subject matter.

Small Poodle at Large | Harper B. | Two Poodles x 2I think the work speaks for itself, pooches.

Bonnard’s retrospective, “Pierre Bonnard: Painting Arcadia,” will be showing at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco in February 2016, following it’s opening at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris and a stint in Madrid. This will be the show’s only U.S. exhibit, so you may want to plan to trot on over to the City.


The Prime Subject


ERE1957001W01915-08Dogs…As you know, for the past year I’ve been pawndering the question, “Can dogs be art?” Well, French photographer, Elliott Erwitt, settles the question once and for all. His black-and-white canine images capture the soul, emotion, and dignity of dogs and their humans from every walk of life.

Sixty-five of Elliott Erwitt’s canine photographs are being featured in his show at the Delaware Museum of Art: Elliott Erwitt: Dog Dogs. According to the museum website, Erwitt captures some of his best images by barking at dogs. I would love to get his picture while he’s working. It’s amazing what humans say when they bark.

The photographs in the exhibit are an excerpt of the larger body of work in Erwitt’s book, Dog Dogs.  He describes the collection as “not a book of dog pictures but of dogs in pictures.” This statement gives me paws, but I decided to chew on it. Meanwhile, I can’t wait to take in the 500 black-and-white pictures in “Dog Dogs.” Wow and woof…there’s no doubt pooches…we’re definitely art.

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