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Bask in Pawsibility


Harper B. | Small Poodle at Large | The Sun has Burst the Sky


It’s amazing the way sunlight, and even images of the sun, open the heart…and when the heart opens, the important things in life happen. When I feel the sun on my fur, everything seems more pawsible. So turn your face toward the sun today, and see what happens. And make sure to drag your human away from the computer screen to bask in the sun, too. Namaste, Pooches.


The Chihuahua of My Dreams


loveDamsels and Dogs! I’m a little embarrassed for posting my high-five trick yesterday, and I’ll tell you why. When we got home from treats class, my human turned on the t.v., and right there on the screen was the chihuahua of my dreams…and boy could he do tricks!

If you read my Puppy Love post from earlier in the year, you know I’m in love with a neighborhood chihuahua named Chief. But Ay, caramba! When I saw Scooby perform last night, my heart was thumping.

You have to see this! I’m posting the youtube of human and dog acrobat team, Christian Stoinev and Scooby, from America’s Got Talent. If you’re reading this post by e-mail, click into the blog to see the video. There is so much I love about this duo. First of all, you’ve got to check out the special stage effects Scooby gets! Wowza and Bowza. Plus this chihuahua is one talented and confident little man. And finally, I love how his human kisses him on stage after each and every trick. Anyone can see these two are soulmates…but I’m hoping Scooby still has room for a high-fivin’ little poodle girlfriend in his life.

Puppy Love ~ He’s Just Not that Into Me…


Puppy love headerIMG_2864

Puppy love is never easy. My first boyfriend was a man, literally.  I fell in love the first time I set my little puppy eyes on him. He’s a dog walker, so he understands a K-9 gal, and a good kisser, too. But, as hard as it was to accept, he just wasn’t that into me.

IMG_5101So, how is a girl supposed to please her man? I’ve stopped asking myself this question. Now I ask, “How can my man please ME?” Once I realized my first relationship was going nowhere fast, I met the most fabulous chihuahua, Chief. Sure, he’s a little man, and I know he gets around…but he’s always a perfect gentleman and he knows how to give me what I like. Plus, let’s face it, I’m an eight-pound poodle…it’s nice to be someone’s Big Woman for a change.


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