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Harper B | Dogwart's | Small Poodle at LargeAfter fainting in front of Coach, the Auror, Isis, Chase, AND Hairy Pawter, I was feeling a bit bedraggled. Hairy escorted me to the Ravenpaw Common Kennel, where I curled up on my dog bed by the warm fireplace. I wasn’t sure I was up to the task of facing a Dementor Dog…and now I knew a secret I couldn’t share with Honey. I had a lot to think about. After tossing and turning for what seemed like hours, I finally fell asleep with my bone securely tucked beneath my front paw.

The next morning I woke to the sound of fresh kibble being poured into bowls. Honey was standing over me, her golden fur glowing in the morning sun. “Harper, get up!” she barked. “We’re going to Dogsmeade!”

Dogsmeade? With all of the trouble going on, I had completely forgotten.

“And I have a plan,” said Honey.

I wagged. Things were starting to feel normal again. Honey went into a sit, waiting for my full attention.

“We can finally get back at Hairy Pawter and Chase for taking midnight Hippogriff rides without us.” Honey licked her lips.

I was quiet. I couldn’t tell Honey about the Auror or the Dementor Dog, and how Chase and Hairy were helping with a secret mission. So I decided the best thing was to play along.

“I don’t know….What’s your plan, Honey?” I licked my front paw, trying to seem casual.

“Well, when we go to Honeydog’s, we can alter our bag of Every-Flavor Bones with the kitty litter flavor. Hairy and Chase are sure to come along and want some….”

I had to admit, this sounded fun. Very fun. “I’m in!” I barked. Feeling much better, I went to brush my pouf, straighten my collar, and get ready for the romp to Dogsmeade. The Dementor Dog was starting to feel like no more than a bad dream.