Small Poodle at Large
“Samba is my specialty, but I’ve been known to enjoy a good foxtrot.”


Dogs! I know a lot of us have been practicing our cool moves for when we go out dancing on New Year’s Eve. It’s a great time to get out to those parties to see and be seen.

see and be seen
“I’m planning to wear shades so I look cool and sophisticated. I just hope I don’t trip…I can’t see my own paws.”









Make sure you follow these safety tips, so you can have fun and stay safe!

1.  Buckle up, and have a designated driver.

buckle up
“I always buckle up for safety. Plus all these harnesses are considered stylish in some communities.”









“I’m a terrier, so it only makes sense I provide security for the poodles.”

2. Take security with you. This year, my friend Curtis is coming along.







Happy New Year’s, Pooches! Now go party likes it’s 2015!

Buckle up photo by Amy Neil.