Small Poodle at Large | Harper B. | Dog Blog | Woofs of WisdomAs dogs, if we’re lucky, we are busy playing in the field of time, everyday, on time. We set a good example. As an advocate for canines in the arts, I love finding ways dogs can help their humans develop and bring out their inner artist. It turns out dogs know a lot about how to get in touch with creativity. To open the door for more creativity in your life, have some fun…without judgment or critique. Play is closely connected to imagination. So if you want to meet the muse, it’s important to take time each day for play…to walk, let the mind wander, sing, pick a bouquet, free-write, or do something unexpected. If you’ve forgotten how to play, take a moment to sniff out the scent of what smells fun to you and then follow through. It doesn’t need to be complicated or high-brow. Increased creativity and a sense of meaning will be your reward.

So, for this week’s Woofs of Wisdom, say yes to a date with your imagination. Say yes again and again. Inspiration will meet you in the field. And perhaps a dog or two.