Woofs of Wisdom Smell the FlowersSpring is here, dogs, and the flowers are blooming! I know you’re all busy taking care of your families. And when you finally get a break, you’re running around trying to get some exercise. While it’s natural to think about where we’ve been and what we need to do next, life only happens in the present moment. Smelling the flowers is a way of coming back to the here and now.

If you’re inspired to, try this smelling meditation: Feel your four paws on the ground and the gentle weight of your tail. Move close to the flower, take a big sniff, and notice what you smell. I try to fit my entire snout into the center of the petals. Next, I imagine myself becoming one with the flower. Afterward, I feel centered, and I can get back to my bone with renewed purpose and energy. It’s pawesome!